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Risk Policy

Abel Tasman Charters' Risk Policy

The safety of our guests and team is our priority. Please read our Risk Disclosure below.

Abel Tasman Charters Risk Disclosure

The Abel Tasman Coastline is rocky and is an exposed body of water. Inherent risks of the activity include (but are not limited to):


Your skipper will provide safety briefings and provide instructions around life jackets storage, location and how to remain safe on the vessel. Please listen to your skippers instructions at all times.


Our boats are maintained regularly and undergo Maritime New Zealand vessel surveys, though mechanical issues may still arise. Your qualified MNZ skipper is equipped with a radio and further safety equipment to ensure that contact can be kept with our base operations at all times.


The Abel Tasman Coastline is a rocky, often calm body of water, and though these events are unlikely there’s still remains a risk of collision or boat capsize. We will always cancel trips if predicted weather conditions are unfavourable.


All personal items MUST be secured correctly by yourself if you decide to take it, our boats are covered with comfortable seating and personal items are more than welcome to be onboard. It is at your own risk to bring any personal items on your tour.


Risk of falling or tripping is highest when boarding or disembarking from the boat, and when operating kayaks. Skippers will give clear instructions to minimise risk. Please listen to Abel Tasman Charters crew instruction at all times. Walking and movement on the boats is permitted during the tour, though there remains a risk of falling over or tripping on the boats. There is a first aid kit on-board, and seats for all passengers are available.


Our vessels have covered cabin areas where you can shelter from the elements, you will also need to take precautions to manage your sun exposure, and exposure to cold conditions, please bring warm, dry clothing.


An Epipen is located on every vessel however it is the individuals responsibility to supply their own and medic themselves, in the event of a severe allergic or anaphylactic reaction. The skipper and staff are to be notified immediately of any early signs to a reaction.


We will provide all safety equipment, safety instructions, and a fully trained maritime NZ skipper who is trained in first aid. Abel Tasman Charters staff reserve the right to terminate any trip / your participation at any time that your safety becomes compromised.

Understanding the Risks

I accept there are inherent risks and potential hazards involved in undertaking the activities Abel Tasman Charters offer as a part of trips in the Abel Tasman National Park.

I accept that while Abel Tasman Charters take all practicable steps to identify and minimize potential dangers, I must follow all instructions and use the safety equipment provided.

I, the customer agree that in participating in the activity, I, the customer, agree to the conditions set out as above and consent to the Terms and Conditions set out below expressly assuming those risks personally and to the maximum extent permitted by law you release the Operator and its officers and employees from any liability, claims, losses, damages or expenses caused by any event including but not limited to: encounters with natural hazards or other water users, property loss or damage, adverse weather conditions and wildlife encounters which may cause personal injury or illness, kayak capsize and risk of drowning.

Terms and Conditions

I agree to listen to my guide, skipper or boat staff, follow their instructions and make sure any children in my care do the same.

I accept that if I ( or children in my care) do not adhere to the instructions and rules, or if I act dangerously, recklessly or in a way that might endanger myself or others I may be removed from the charter and I acknowledge I will not receive a refund.

I agree to wear the appropriate safety clothing and equipment as instructed by the guide.

I confirm I am physically fit and able to participate in the activities and I have not been advised otherwise by a qualified medical practitioner.

I have informed the staff of Abel Tasman Charters Limited (or will prior to undertaking the activity) of any medical conditions, previous injuries and medication I am currently taking which may affect my ability to undertake the activity.

I consent to receive medical treatment that may be deemed necessary by Abel Tasman Charters in the event of accident, injury or illness while undertaking activities, and to indemnify the Operator against any claims in respect of that treatment.

I understand it is my responsibility to disclose any conditions (health or otherwise) that may affect the safety of myself and those around me.

I accept that Abel Tasman Charters Limited reserves the right to cancel this activity if it becomes concerned for my safety, or the safety of another person.

I agree that my next-of-kin, executors, administrators and next-of-kin are bound by the Terms and Conditions;

I agree not to undertake litigation or proceedings in any country in relation to the risks and perils I put myself at and to indemnify Abel Tasman Charters Limited against any such claim;

I agree that the Department of Conservation and the Tasman District Council on whose land the activity is conducted will not be held responsible for any death, injury, misadventure, damage to or loss of property caused in whole or part by these activities.

In the event that I damage any of the clothing, equipment or property owned by Abel Tasman Charters Limited, I agree to pay Abel Tasman Charters Limited all costs associated with repairing the damage.

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