New Zealand bellbird, korimako
Fantail or pīwakawaka

Planting Initiative

  • Volunteer planting group
  • Native plants to replace gorse
  • Native plant species for New Zealand's native birds
  • Species to include:
  • Tuis, bellbirds (korimako), saddleback (tieke)
  • Fantails (pīwakawaka), waxeyes (tauhou)
  • Kereru (NZ wood pigeon)
  • Kākāriki (yellow crowned parakeet)
  • South Island Robin (toutouwai)
  • New Zealand falcon (karearea)
  • Kaka

Encouraging New Zealand's native birds

Abel Tasman Charters is involved in projects to help to restore the biodiversity of the area. Karina is using her botanical expertise to run a project with the Abel Tasman Birdsong Trust over the next 5 years aimed at planting trees in a restoration project along the track area between Marahau and Tinline Bay.

This is to encourage nectar feeding birds back into this area of the park.